Future thinking


Where next?

That’s the big question facing B2B marketing leaders who want to stay ahead of their competition and lead the charge in driving their business forward.

To help you see beyond your day-to-day challenges and seize the bigger opportunities that lie ahead, Earnest Labs created the Future Thinking programme.

Future Thinking is divided into four modules across the year – one per quarter – with each module delivered as a half-day workshop.

These can accommodate up to 10 people and are deliverable either in-person or virtually – with additional Earnest Labs support available on request.

The workshop sessions are designed to reshape the way your B2B marketing teams think by exploring innovative approaches that will help them achieve their marketing objectives and stand out from the competition.

The 4 modules:

01 Innovating your B2B Content

02 Innovating your Media Mix

03 Innovating your Sales Support

04 Innovating your Customer Experience


Innovating your B2B Content

Gain insight into the types of content that B2B decision-makers really want to engage with – including games, audio, and B2B influencer collaborations – to help you stand out from the humdrum and really captivate your key audiences.


Innovating your Media Mix

Discover the most effective channels to engage B2B audiences beyond traditional B2B pathways: from embracing the emergence of voice technology to exploring unconventional but effective methods for amplifying your brand presence.


Innovating your Sales Support

Powerpoints and one-pagers aren’t the only or best ways to get your sales team on message and into your target customers’ minds. Tap into more creative ways of supporting the effectiveness of your sales teams.


Innovating your Customer Experience

Dive into the full customer journey – from first engagement with your brand through to their time as a customer – and identify where your friction points are and how to turn them into sales-driving opportunities.

What does it include?

  • Pre-briefing call to understand your individual, team, and commercial goals for the quarter.
  • Benchmarking survey to establish innovation ambitions and what’s already being done.
  • Insights presentation on the future of B2B buyers, including new module-specific data.
  • Ideas-sprint to generate new ideas and module-related experiments to run.
  • Follow-up survey sent to all workshop attendees to capture additional thoughts.
  • Full follow-up document containing three developed ideas, fully costed and ready for rollout.
  • Additional Earnest Labs support is available on request.

How does your business benefit?

The Future Thinking programme is an investment in getting marketing teams away from their desks and engaged with the types of experimentation that are foundational to innovative and effective marketing.


Find a space to get the whole team out of the office and focus on thinking about where next.


Gain actionable strategies for improving and tracking the effectiveness of your marketing performance. 


Access innovation tools and insight-driven tactics to drive your business growth.

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