Future thinking


Where next?

That’s the big question facing B2B marketing leaders who want to stay ahead of their competition and lead the charge in driving their business forward.

But often it’s hard to get your head out of the day-to-day to look up and see some of the opportunities that could be grasped.

Future Thinking sessions from Earnest Labs are designed to help you take time to think where next when it comes to your marketing strategy, planning and innovation.

The session will be split into 5 areas:

01 Your innovation goals

02 Audience Insights

03 The Hot Topic

04 Trends and Inspiration

05 Ideas Sprint


Innovation Goals

A review of the Future Thinking survey that will be sent prior to the session and a chance to discuss your innovation goals for the next six months.


Audience Insights

Giving you the latest insight into changing trends within the b2b buyer audience - including specific trends related to your target audience and your industry.


The Hot Topic

A deep dive into a hot topic that’s having a big impact either on b2b marketing as a whole or specific to your industry with insights into how you can adapt your marketing to keep up.


Idea Sprint

A session to come up with a series of ideas or innovation tests to run as part of your marketing programmes that are related to the insights in the session.

Your Future Thinking Packages

We offer three levels of Future Thinking session depending on whether you are just dipping your toe in the water or want to start putting innovation at the heart of your marketing.


Explorer package

Just the insights Cost: £5k


Innovator package

The full session Cost: £8k


Leader package

Full session + 3 fully worked up 'innovation tests' Cost: £15k

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